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Daughter of Prominent Islamic Scholar Faces Backlash For Posting Photo Without A Hijab On Facebook

Brave Iraqi Schoolgirl Delivers Defiant Message To ISIS In Viral Classroom Video

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Remark By President Trump Has Left Some Christians In The Arab World On Edge

Donald Trump’s ban feels like it’s ‘keeping us safe’ from an invented threat

Sallie Krawchek writes the book on how to conquer an industry ‘built by men for men’

Some In Europe and Middle East not as freaked out about Trump Presidency as you may think

Mexico’s Journalists: On The Front Lines Of Press Freedom

A year after the devastating Paris attacks, Zainab Salbi spent four days in the Paris suburbs where some of the attackers lived

A Glimpse Of Hope From Iraq

Imagine never having to choose between male and female on any legal form: The Zainab Salbi Project

The headscarf, fear and Islamophobia in the heart of America: The Zainab Salbi Project

A new way of telling the story: The Zainab Salbi Project

The legacy of trauma in Iraq: ‘ISIS wanted to buy me for seven palm dates as my dowry’

For many refugees, the vetting process to migrate to the U.S. is intolerably traumatic

A Documentary about radical Islam in Pakistan forced its makers to a deeper understanding

As the Clinton Global Initiative opens its last annual meeting Zainab Salbi sings its praises

Imprisoned Turkish novelist Asli Erdogan says her body will suffer permanent damage

1 woman 30 countries and a strong message of positivity

Sarcasm or not, Trump’s rhetoric on founding of ISIS has done irreparable damage.

Asma Khalifa: “If I want to see hope in Libya again, I have to work for it”

Faced with a coup, Turkey’s women-led media strike a blow for democracy.

Meet the activist who fled Syria after secretly filming life under ISIS.

Muslim women who don’t wear the hijab are just as Muslim as those who do.

Saudi therapist advises men on how to beat their wives.

How justifiable rage can be turned into a force for change

ISIS recruits young Syrians with the promise of wives from the “women’s market”

Zainab Salbi overcomes a fear of the “moral police” during a solo pilgrimage to Mecca

Taboos about homosexuality complicate transgender options in the Middle East

Istanbul suicide blast threatens the spirit of unity in an increasingly anxious nation

Inspiring “Nida’a” TV show engages with Arab women from all walks of life

Campus rape film, “The Hunting Ground,” punctures American moral superiority

“They accused me of being a loose woman with no morals”

“It is time to scream: ‘Not in my name’”

Sisters fight to uphold media freedom in wake of Turkish election

Candidate woos voters with polygamy platform

Jordan’s Queen Rania, longtime champion of women and children, speaks up for refugees

Syrian refugees explain why Germany is top country in which to seek a new life

How one woman defied tradition to spare her daughters from genital cutting

Iraqi woman explains why she married off her daughters at ages 15 and 16

When you’re forced to marry your rapist

Trying to shop responsibly in Dubai … while in a room packed with luxury knockoffs

Saudi man explains why he joined ISIS and then fled the terror group

Woman stuck in Lebanese prison makes philosophical choice in order to get out

In Turkey, a conflict between liberal and conservative women lurks beneath the country’s election results

Secret wife speaks out about the illusion of polygamous marriage

What people in the Middle East say in private about the West

The Middle East and its Glaring Hangups with Sexuality

What Moroccans Say About ISIS

The Last Christian

“Turks are not Arabs!”

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