Ms. Salbi has contributed pieces to The Guardian, CNN, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, and Marie Claire, among other illustrious publications.


A Time For Silence; A Time To See; A Time To Speak, Huffington Post
What is happening in the world these days can feel overwhelming. The badgering news of terrorism, wars, and President Trump’s latest actions – just to name a few – are triggering all kinds of emotional reactions among different people.

Zainab Salbi: Author, Human Rights Activist, and Humanitarian, The New York Times
Even those who know the difference are questioning their identities.

Zainab Salbi: Author, Human Rights Activist, and Humanitarian, The Legacy Project
The Legacy Project spoke with Zainab about principles, inspirations, lessons, and dealing with doubt.

The Stories of a Headscarf, TedTalks
In this essay, Zainab writes about how Muslim women are needed as critical agents of change in this historical transformative moment in Islamic history and the Middle East and deconstructs the global fixation on the headscarf.

A Letter From a Christian Friend in Iraq, The Huffington Post
Zainab Salbi recounts the cultural and religious diversity that Iraq used to celebrate. In times of turmoil, with the attacks from ISIS, Zainab shares a letter she recently received from a Christian friend still living in Iraq.

Egypt’s Women Refuse to be Intimidated, The Guardian
She once called Saddam Hussein “uncle.” Now she fights for women’s rights all over the world.

Iraqi Women on the War’s 10th Anniversary: ‘Now I Fear Everyone’, The Daily Beast
Ten Years after the invasion, child marriage, female illiteracy, domestics violence, and divorce are all up – while legal protections are down, Iraqi women tell women’s rights activist Zainab Salbi.

Fadia Tunis, The Huffington Post
Co-authored by Gini Reticker, an award winning documentary filmmaker known for her focus on women and individuals’ struggles for social justice..

Zainab Salbi: Escape from tyranny, The Guardian
At 23, the woman who called Saddam Hussein ‘uncle’ set up Women for Women International, to help those affected by war. Twenty years on, she talks about her latest mission in the Middle East.

Why Women Are Less Free 10 years After the Invasion of Iraq, CNN
Ten years ago the war in Iraq began. This week we focus on the people involved in the war, and the lives that changed forever.

At Home: Zainab Salbi, Financial Times
Barclays’ Women of the Year’s award winner talks about helping those caught up in war and poverty.

Zainab Salbi: Why I cried for Uncle Saddam, The Independent
She has just been named Woman of the Year and is a leading human rights activist, but her father was a trusted aide of the Iraqi dictator.

Little House in the War Zone, The New York Times
Salbi describes her childhood in Baghdad and explores her feelings upon revisiting Iraq later in life in this op-ed.

Strength in Adversity: Six Women Who’ve Wurvived the Horrors of War, The Telegraph
Salbi and the photographer Rennio Maifredi spent weeks travelling through war-torn countries – to gather the stories for their book, If You Knew Me You Would Care.